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Project Description
Help Desk front-end window for Sharepoint and possibly other web based (or Web Parts based) environments. This is not a Help Desk system, but can provide an easy interface to an existing web-based system through your organization's web portal.

This project is functional! There is a fully functional BETA version of the application, but lots of features yet to add. Please consider joining the team to help develop this utility and its supporting documents. The best feature is the AUTO-LOOKUP!

To use this code, you will need to
1) Copy the files to a work area on your server
2) Compile the source code to a .dll
3) Copy the .dll to the bin folder of the IIS server
4) Grant permissions for the .dll in the IIS configurations
5) Copy wiSearch.js to the 'scripts' folder in your wwwroot (you may need to create the scripts folder)
6) Implement the web part into your Sharepoint environment (using the wiTicketList.dwp file)
7) Setup the configuration parameters per your HelpDesk system
8) Test the solution
9) Celebrate your success

There is currently no documentation to help you through this process, but PLEASE send us an email with your requests (or post on the forum) so that we can help you through the process. (esp. if you are a developer interested in helping)
Send email to:

1) Entry of source into 'Source Code' section of project
2) Posted installation instructions (including how to grant .dll permissions)
3) Compiled DLL in download section WITH installation instructions.
4) Implement additional features (such as web links in the data table to view selected records)

Send email to:

1) Auto-Lookup to use AJAX instead of posts
2) Ability to turn on/off Auto-Lookup and Auto-Focus (property fields in WebPart configuration)
3) Ability to turn on/off search field (for situations where the search feature is not needed)
4) URL Links in the data table to open the selected record
5) Ability to include URL Links in the header (eg. Include a link to 'Add new ticket')
6) Ability to sort data table by various columns (prototype for this exists)

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